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LPS helps you understand, design, and create your future.

Deep customer insight across a myriad of industries combined with a mastery of programmes and projects enables us to consistently deliver transformation results.

Where others will focus solely on technology driven transformation, LPS brings the full spectrum of people, process, and technology to execute impactful and long-lasting change.

Explore our range of tailored solutions to learn how partnering with LPS can enable you to get access to exceptional talent, go faster, and achieve your loftiest transformation goals.

Our SOlutions

How can we help?

Agile Coaching and Transformation

We can help your organisation embrace and thrive in an uncertain and complex world, with new ways of thinking, working and collaborating that enable agility.

Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian unleashes the potential of teams. From project management to software repositories, LPS can help you use Atlassian products to their full capability.


Building a collaborative PMO with LPS means passing over the responsibility to experts in managing and delivering projects, so you can focus on what you do best.

Design and Analysis

Our world is becoming increasingly complex. Transformation projects require a new approach to successfully design & deliver solutions that are useful, usable and desirable. DnA has been developed to deliver innovative solutions for this complex world.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a journey that will fundamentally change your business. It’s not about technology or tools, but people, processes and technology working together.

PPM Tooling and Consulting

The LPS PPM Tooling and Consulting works with you to improve performance by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time and helping them gain control of their work.

Project Rescue

Projects don't always go to plan. LPS's Project Rescue helps companies and their teams remediate failed or failing projects.

Project and Programme Management

We’ve been in the project delivery business since 2006, and now have well over 2,100 (and counting) people years of experience delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.


Assembling a high-performing team is a challenge for any organisation. You need to spend the time searching out and recruiting top-tier people, making sure they are a good fit, and guiding them through the stages of team development. Transform your staffing with LPS's flexible Teams-as-a-Service


LPS Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) is an innovative software testing concept that allows you to outsource testing needs that are traditionally managed in house.

How We Work

We understand that no one size fits all.

By engaging in an open dialogue, we are able to understand your objectives and the business challenges you face.

We take into consideration your organisational appetite for change, your corporate culture, your strategy and your constraints together with the desired outcomes you are seeking. We then help you design and create that future.  

  • 01.
    We work with senior business owners to understand the business, it's challenges and it's strategy.
  • 02.
    We envision how we can help, based on your desired outcomes, constraints and appetite for change.
  • 03.
    We bring in a specialist team to build a world-class capability.​
  • 04.
    We coach, guide, mentor and pass on those capabilities to your people.​
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Our success is founded on a client-first attitude. We work hard to understand who you are, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll help you find the right way forward for your digital journey.
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