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Assembling a high-performing team is a challenge for any organisation. You need to spend the time searching out and recruiting top-tier people, making sure they are a good fit, and guiding them through the stages of team development. Transform your staffing with LPS's flexible Teams-as-a-Service

LPS’s Teams as a Service offering enables you to bring in an off the shelf, fully formed team to your organisation. Additionally, we give you the ability to scale the team up and down to meet your desired outcomes.

Let LPS support your organisation in meeting the growing needs of your customers through rapid delivery of working software and accelerating delivery of value to market by providing high performing teams focused on strategic and/or tactical outcomes.

We bring fully formed, highly skilled, cross-functional teams who deliver amazing outcomes faster. The members of our teams bring expert knowledge and a wealth of experience in delivering high profile projects and products to market.

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Cut recruitment time by 80%

Recruiting your own people to build a team takes time - tracking down the right people (if you can find them in New Zealand!), ensuring they are a fit for the rest of the team, then allowing the group progress through the team formation process. LPS has done the hard work for you, enabling you to access a high skill and high performance team off the shelf, cutting recruitment time and auxiliary tasks by 80%

Curated, experienced talent

With hundreds of people working for LPS, we curate the most talented people and turn them in to teams, ready to help our clients tackle their most challenging problems.

Access to a wealth of experience and shared knowledge

Because LPS work across many industries and scenarios, including banking, telecommunications, supply chain & logistics, and technology, our teams share their knowledge and learnings between each other. This constantly updated knowledge centre keeps LPS teams one step ahead, driving the best practices and ultimately delivering the best solutions for your organisation.

Ability to scale up and down as necessary

Funding, leadership, and programmes change - and the changes are accelerating in frequency, especially in a post-Covid world. You need to adapt quickly to a changing environment, and a Teams as a Service model gives you the ability to scale teams up and down to meet your current and projected requirements at ease, and de-risk by moving from permanent and contract recruitment to a service-based model.

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