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Projects don't always go to plan. LPS's Project Rescue helps companies and their teams remediate failed or failing projects.

Based on our 14+ years of experience, we've seen every project scenario play out, and have used this experience to develop our Remediate methodology to rescue failing projects and find a novel solution to completing your project.

The LPS Project Rescue team is made up of senior level LPS consultants, each with a career's worth of experience in delivering business value through project management.

The team will work with you to conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify the root cause of failure and develop a plan that will enable you to achieve your project objectives.

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Project Rescue


Uncover What's Going Wrong

Specialists in project rescue, LPS Remediate steps in and rescues projects at any stage, using an Assessment Framework to uncover what's causing issues in the project.

Create a Turnaround Plan

We reconsider the project and it’s key objectives, resources, project methodology, management support, and what needs to change to deliver the project successfully.

Rescue Your Project

We work with you to build a rescue strategy, and hand it over to you to execute. Alternatively, we can bring in a team of experts who have the experience to get your project over the line and achieve the goals you set out to accomplish from the project’s conception.

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