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Project and Programme Management

We’ve been in the project delivery business since 2006, and now have well over 2,100 (and counting) people years of experience delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

We work across all industries, with notable and large-scale success in banking, government and telecommunications.

We can provide PMO capability across all of your programmes, consultants who can work with you pre-business case to shape and define the work, a full set of delivery management tooling and reporting capability; and, if you have a project that may have gone off track we can help rescue it for you.

LPS has the experience and the right people for any IT project. We constantly monitor the ‘health’ of your project and are flexible enough to adapt when scope or circumstances change.

Need a project or programme delivered by a team of experts? With a team consisting of programme and project managers, project coordinators and administrators, business analysts, change managers, architects, software developers and testers we can assemble the right team to help you plan, establish and deliver any project or programme for you.

Our flexible and scalable Teams-as-a-Service model enables you to get access to a fully-formed team of experts, ready to hit the ground running and deliver your project or programme.

At LPS we still deliver projects and we’re still the best in the game.

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Project and Programme Management


Leverage Our 14+ Years of Experience

Our all-star team has worked across every industry and project type imaginable. We've distilled the lessons learnt over this expanse of time and use them to enable our team to deliver projects successfully, on-time and under-budget.

Modular Capability Uplift

Whether you need an entire PMO solution or a brilliant individual project / programme manager, LPS will tailor a solution that meets your unique criteria.

Curated Talent Network

Over the 14+ years of delivering projects and programmes of all shapes and sizes, we've been able to identify and curate a talent base of superstar project managers and programme managers, enabling our clients to achieve their loftiest transformation goals.

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Our success is founded on a client-first attitude. We work hard to understand who you are, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll help you find the right way forward for your digital journey.
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Assembling a high-performing team is a challenge for any organisation. You need to spend the time searching out and recruiting top-tier people, making sure they are a good fit, and guiding them through the stages of team development. Transform your staffing with LPS's flexible Teams-as-a-Service
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