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Building a collaborative PMO with LPS means passing over the responsibility to experts in managing and delivering projects, so you can focus on what you do best.

The Collaborative PMO (CO:PMO) model is a more effective way of delivering a project portfolio. Our clients realise greater commercial benefit for lower cost than traditional resource models, whilst reducing risk and improving quality.

CO:PMO provides our clients with reassurance that accountability to deliver all programmes of work on time and to budget resides with LPS. Our Collaborative PMO solution enables you to transform your project management office and start delivering high-impact and high-value outcomes, rather than focusing solely on outputs.

One of the most valuable parts of LPS's collaborative PMO is the experience shared between our team working on our other CO:PMO customers. Your organisation will be able to learn from the mistakes and successes of our other CO:PMO clients, accelerating improvements in your own PMO.

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Collaborative PMO


Reduce Costs through Collaboration

Projects often come with a hefty price tag. CO:PMO helps cut costs through planning, prioritising and managing project portfolios and programmes. Our PMO clients have seen reductions in PMO costs of approximately 30%, while still delivering on a portfolio of the same size.

Increase Economies of Scale

Reap the benefits of increased economies of scale that include cost advantages and operational efficiency. Our suite of CO:PMO customers enables these economy of scale advantages to flow through to your PMO.

Improve PMO Delivery Outcomes

Our PMO experience and best-of-breed programme and project managers bring a welcome capability uplift, resulting in projects being delivered under-budget and on time. We work with your leadership team and steering committee to set transformation goals, and follow through to achieve them.

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