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Turning Kotahi's Ship Around

Testing-as-a-Service, Agile, Teams-as-a-Service
November 5, 2021
Four years ago, Kotahi Logistics was in the depths of a large-scale digital transformation. Here's how LPS has helped Kotahi transform their development lifecycle to become a global innovation leader in the shipping and logistics industry.

Four years ago, Kotahi Logistics was in the depths of a large-scale digital transformation. Kotahi had implemented a data lake that was powering the business, and had a range of new products and services in the pipeline to bring innovation to the shipping and logistics industry.

As part of this product development, Kotahi needed to build out a robust testing practice. Kotahi was working with a range of suppliers, and LPS came on-board to assist in the software testing function, starting with manual testing.

After working with LPS, Kotahi began a process of materially reducing the number of suppliers they were working with. Kotahi whittled down their suppliers to a few strategic partners, one of which is LPS.

This strategic partnership has blossomed over the past four years, and now LPS is an integral part of Kotahi's digital team, providing our Teams-as-a-Service and Testing-as-a-Service solutions.

"One of the things we try do is work with organisations that are real strategic partners… LPS has definitely been one of those strategic partners."

- Matthew Wright, GM of Digital Technology

We started with one LPS'er in Kotahi, and have grown to over 20+ LPS team members working with Kotahi to deliver a bespoke testing solution that has transformed the software development lifecycle in Kotahi's digital teams.

In collaboration with Kotahi, we have accelerated and automated the testing process, spearheading a 'shift-left' in the testing lifecycle. This has resulted in finding bugs faster through more rapid feedback loops between development and testing teams, in addition to faster time-to-market.

We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with Kotahi and helping another innovative Kiwi company achieve global success.

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