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Project Management of Country-Wide Deployment for GAS

Project Management, Organisational Change Management, Testing, Systems Integration
December 15, 2021
GAS, an established petrol service station company with retailers across the country, had an aging and multi-vendor Point-of-Sale solution that required modernisation and consolidation. Here’s how LPS was able to help GAS transform their POS and modernise their technology.

The Challenge

GAS’s Point-of-Sale (POS) solution across over 120 stores through New Zealand required a major upgrade. Their solution consisted of two separate solutions, multiple support partners with the major provider sunsetting their product.

This existing POS solution was creating disparate data and would not be fit for purpose with approaching integration requirements and new technology/app releases in the pipeline.

Aligned to the POS solution, GAS’s Outdoor Payment Terminal’s (OPT), needed to be upgraded due to regulatory requirements. As such the project took on deployment complexity needing disciplined management to ensure a seamless transition.

Additionally, the executive team had extremely limited visibility of data and insights, inhibiting positive decision making.

Faced with these challenges, GAS approached LPS to lead a project to unify the POS solution and deploy it in their service stations through the country. Based on our experience helping GAS successfully launch their AA Smartfuel programme, we were prepared and excited to support GAS continue to improve their technology and customer experience.

The Solution

The end-state goal for GAS was to have a single modernised solution that would be ready for future technology integration projects and product releases, as well as centralising data to make insights available to executives.

The LPS team, led by Managing Consultant Richard Sell, structured and managed a vendor selection process, enabling GAS to select and develop a partnership with Triquestra, a leader in the space, to use their Infinity POS solution.

Introducing this new system required significant integration work. Through the project, integration was required for:

  • The AA Smartfuel programme (LPS having previously deployed for GAS)
  • The new OPT systems, requiring software upgrades, to enable the use of GAS Gift Cards and AA Smartfuel
  • Interfaces and updates to multiple systems
  • A new cloud architecture with new build and deployment methods.

The deployment saw us work with GAS and partners to carry out a total replacement of hardware in over 120 stores across the country - including the new POS solution, alongside new routers, network and computer hardware.

Each store deployment was carefully planned and executed, requiring only a few hours for new equipment to be installed. Extensive training was also provided to store owners to ensure a successful rollout.

The deployment of these new systems was a major success for GAS.

Where projects of a similar scope have taken over 6+ months for other companies to complete, LPS were able to execute this project for GAS in only 10 weeks - which was even more impressive considering that the project was completed through COVID and the resulting manufacturing and shipping delays.

The Impact

GAS’s new POS solution means that for the first time, they now have one modern, integrated system.

Better features and technology have resulted in more efficient store operations. Data is now clean by design and centralised, which has led to the development of reporting and BI dashboards for the executive team.

This development has enabled radically improved decision making for execs with full access to data not only on core petrol sales, but the increasingly important in-store sales where much of the company’s profits are now generated.

The system is now robust across all GAS service stations. Loyalty programmes are integrated and work seamlessly for store owners and customers. The OPT systems are upgraded and deliver 24/7 sales ability.

Best of all, GAS has seen a rapid ROI because of the speed of the deployment.

Key success factors of the project were

  • Strong partnerships with GAS, Triquestra, AA Smartfuel, and ECL.
  • Well-executed training with store owners, allowing them to learn the new system and be prepared to quickly begin serving customers again.
  • Consistent and clear communications with all project stakeholders, which updated them on progress and included a newsletter with tips and tricks around the new system.

The way the POS system was rolled out across the GAS network has really stood out in the fuel industry and for which GAS has received a lot of praise.

The credit for such an achievement by GAS goes to Richard. He has just been fantastic and really supported me as the General Manager to deploy the new POS system. He has assisted me in various communication plans, kept me fully updated pretty much daily and worked closely with all the GAS head office team throughout this project.

The team at GAS head office sees Richard as part of the head office team!

Richard has really understood the GAS business model, the people, and the culture the network presents, and he has delivered an outstanding result for the company, one that I am very proud of and thankful to Richard for helping us achieve this.

- Nahid Ali, General Manager, GAS

What’s Next?

GAS’s new POS solution and the upgrades surrounding it have created an enabling environment for upcoming innovations that will help the company grow to serve more New Zealanders, with better service.

GAS has an exciting mobile app release on the roadmap which LPS will again be helping to project manage, in addition to providing our software testing capability to ensure a customer-friendly app experience.

Empowered with a comprehensive view of country-wide store data, GAS’s executive team can now make decisions around purchasing and sales to grow margins and expand winning ideas and products from individual stores, country-wide.

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