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Introducing AA SmartFuel to GAS Petrol Service Stations

Project Management, System Integration, Testing & Development
November 5, 2021
GAS had a large IT project on the cards, and needed a partner that would make sure the introduction and integration of the AA SmartFuel programme with GAS would be a success. GAS selected LPS to run this project for them, and saw great results.

We brought in a team who carried out the project, consisting of extensive planning, testing and development to integrate GAS's existing systems with AA SmartFuel systems, and managing the roll-out across the GAS network nationwide.

"Putting people first, striving for excellence, helping us win in the market - I think LPS exudes these qualities"

- Tim Ellis, Managing Director, GAS Petrol Service Stations

You can learn more about our project and programme solutions here, and our testing and development solutions here.

See what GAS Managing Director Tim Ellis had to say about working with LPS:

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