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Adapt | Evolve | Flourish

Who Are We?

Our talented team is key to our success.

We make sure they feel loved and appreciated and in turn they ‘pay it forward’ to our clients: it’s people-first here, internally and externally customer-centric in everything we do.

Our culture organically bloomed from the start through an awesome team of like-minded individuals and has been beautifully defined and protected to ensure we’ve stayed true to our mantras as we’ve matured into today’s leading transformation consultancy.

Be Nimble in Spirit
Practise responsive, active listening. Anticipate and adapt to change. Feel empowered to make decisions. Be a driver of creativity and innovation.
Engage with Finesse
Aim high; deliver results. Exceed industry standards. Hold yourself accountable. Get involved in the LPS Community.
Look to the Future
Practise continual learning. Seek out, share and embrace opportunity. Put yourself in our customers’ shoes. Create win-win solutions.
Aim to Deliver WOW
Realise your full potential. Leverage our collective genius. Be a champion for LPS. Nurture our relationships. Celebrate success.
Have the Right Attitude
Take pride in always raising the bar. Have the courage to tell it like it is. Treat adversity as an opportunity. Act with integrity and ask for help.

Our foundation for success.

Over the past 14 years, we have curated and held on to exceptionally talented people. Our team of like-minded individuals have tremendous experience and abilities that enable us to deliver excellence for our clients and unlock their potential.

Why we're here

We exist to redraw the lines of delivery and execution, helping our customers address their most important business and technology challenges.

We are here to stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers. We are fiercely independent, agnostic of technologies, products, frameworks and problems.

No problem is too big or too small. We want to understand our customers and their problems, then find and deliver unique solutions.

We work with and guide our customers through their journey, from concept to business outcome.

Our success is measured only by our customer's success.
LPS Team Members