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Our key to success

How will you work with us?

Our talented team is key to our success.

We make sure they feel loved and appreciated and in turn they ‘pay it forward’ to our clients: it’s people-first here, internally and externally customer-centric in everything we do.

Our culture organically bloomed from the start through an awesome team of like-minded individuals and has been beautifully defined and protected to ensure we’ve stayed true to our mantras as we’ve matured into today’s leading transformation consultancy.

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What stands LPS apart in the market as an employer is the ability to lift and accelerate careers.

Working for LPS provides the opportunity to move industries, gain expertise across all methodologies and get your hands dirty with a broad spectrum of technologies and enterprise initiatives.

Whatever your aspirations are, we can ensure that you achieve them and develop your reputation to ‘best in class’.

We are always looking for future leaders.If the entrepreneurial spirit runs coarse through your veins that’s also something that excites us and is readily accommodated and nurtured.


We also understand in our world some talent simply love to contract and consult and aren’t looking for permanent work.

We understand what makes your contracting life easier and provide a second to none environment for our LPS contractors.

Most of our contractors never leave as they rotate around our interesting and varied client base; providing the variation and challenge that gets you out of bed and loving Monday mornings.​